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High quality 3D printer filament and 3D printer parts available here!

We don’t cut any corners here at 3D Lab Tech. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and offer the highest quality 3d printer filament and 3d printer parts that have passed the most stringent testing so you can have the best 3D printing experience which equates to less tinkering with broken or jammed printers, wasted time troubleshooting problems, inconsistent quality, and more printing. Printing should be a fun experience and not a frustrating one.

We have lots of other great products coming very soon so check back often!


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Free Canada shipping with purchases over $100

We provide free shipping on orders above $100 before tax across Canada. All orders placed before noon are normally shipped the same day.

Free Canada shipping with purchases over $100

We provide free shipping on orders above $100 before tax across Canada. All orders placed before noon are normally shipped the same day.

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Genuine reseller for these great vendors

LDO Motors 
LDO Motors is very well know for the high quality electric motors they produce which range in a variety of different applications such as 3D Printers and CNC machinery. Now LDO Motors is known for much more then just motors. They also carry many other high performance 3D Printer components from aluminum extrusions to full Voron 3D Printer kits.

3D Fuel Filament
We are very proud to carry 3D Fuel branded filament. This premium 3D filament is produced end to end in the USA with NatureWorks Ingeo resin to produce a 3D filament like no other. 
The main focus has been to produce the best possible filament with extreme tolerances not seen normally in this industry. Their 3D printer filament have a tight tolerance of +/-0.02mm with specific spool information printed on the side of every box with the manufactured date so you know how fresh it is. If you want high quality 3D filament then look no further than 3D Fuel.

Bondtech develops, designs and manufactures unique dual drive extruders that eliminate the risk of grinding, slipping, filament deformation and under extrusion. Using two counter-rotating drive gears, the Bondtech extruders grip and push the filament from both sides for a secure and stable filament feed. The result is a reliable, more precise and faster printing process.

Slice Engineering
Slice Engineering make the world’s best hot end period. With its patented design, it can eliminate heat creep, jams, and allow you to print 30% faster. Come learn more about their Mosquito and Copperhead hot ends. Their vanadium nozzles also carry a lifetime abrasion warranty as well and are virtually indestructible!

igus is headquartered in he USA and is a leading manufacturer of plastic components used in motions systems using complex technical plastic polymers.

They are the standard in the 3d printing industry and provide a large assortment of printer components such as nozzles, heatbreaks, hot blocks, thermistor cartridges, heater cartridges, and much more.

Gates has been making belts for over 100 years. There is no one that does it better then Gates. Don’t compromise the stability of your printer. Choose genuine Gates belts for your next build.

BIGTREETECH has many electronic components such as Mainboards, Screens, Stepper Drivers and much more. This is the brains of the printer so don’t trust this to just anyone. Trust someone who has experience like BIGTREETECH!

Capricorn PTFE Tubes
They have the best tolerances and are made with a special blend of materials to provide the slickest surface to allow smooth movement of any 3d printer filament. A must for any 3d printer that has a Bowden setup!

These are the RobotDigg 440C Stainless Steel rails. Grade C stainless steel is the highest grade meaning they are extremely hard and very resistant to rust. They come well packaged and do not require to be coated in machine oil to prevent rusting. No mess no fuss. Just a light lubrication before installation is all that is needed. Please see the wide selection of rail sizes we have to chose from.