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Voron Motion Kits

Linear Rails

HIWIN Stainless Steel Rails

RobotDigg 440C Stainless Steel Rails


These are the RobotDigg 440C Stainless Steel rails. Grade C Stainless Steel is the highest grade meaning they are extremely hard and very resistant to rust. They come well packaged and do not require to be coated in machine oil to prevent rusting. No mess no fuss. Just a light lubrication before installation is all that is needed. Please see the wide selection of rail sizes we have to chose from.

Build Plate

Our cast aluminum plates we carry are blanch ground on both sides to MIC6 specs with stressed relived 5083 aluminum to prevent the warping affects of when the build plates are heated. The 8mm thickness of the plates we found is a good balance between this warping affect and heat up times. We chose not to produce our beds with additional holes to fit multiple Vorons because additional holes will reduce the heating ability around the edges of the bed. If high precision is what you are after then this is the right build plate for you.

Build Plate Accessories

Lead Screws

Gates Powergrip Belts 2GT


With genuine Gates belts your machine will need less tuning because these belts do not stretch like others do as they are reinforced with Nylon and fiberglass fibers in the belt. Stiffness in the belts translate directly to better performance and accuracy of your printer. Get repeatable performance every time when you use the Gates belts paired with the compatible 2GT pulley or 2GT Idler.



2GT Pulley and Idlers

Cable Management