3D Lab Tech

Privacy Policy

Here at 3D Lab Tech we value the customers and visitors their privacy. This statement is to  provide you with information in regards to how your information may be collected and stored on our servers. Our efforts in collecting this information is to offer you better services, improve shopping experience and provide our shoppers with better relevant information about our products, services, and promotions. When making purchases you are not required to create an account but doing so helps with returns and less errors in entering incorrect information such as your shipping information due to typos.

We do not and will never share or sell any information we collect. We also do not keep any payment information such as credit card numbers.

Information we collect from your user profile can include names, purchase history, billing/shipping information, phone numbers, email address and other digital contact information. This information is used to better understand you the customer, be able to ship you the products you order, and possibly promote other products you maybe interested in the future.

Please contact us and let us know if you have any concerns with how your information is being collected and used.