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3D Fuel Pro PLA B Stock Filament

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3D Fuel Pro PLA B Stock Filament

During production some rolls of filament experienced poor vacuum bagging and even though the issue has now been corrected some spools with this issue made it out the door before the problem was realized. We are selling these spools at a major discounted rate to you because these are less than perfect and is not the quality of product 3d Lab Tech or 3D Fuel would like you to receive.

They are still perfectly fine to print with. They are all sealed with desiccant inside but drying the filament before you use it is recommended to be sure.


Pro PLA filament was engineered to be used on your most demanding projects. 3D Fuels Pro PLA is with NatureWorks 3D870 Ingeo PLA. It offers excellent temperature resistance, extreme toughness all while still printing as smooth as butter!

When I say the Pro PLA filament is tough I mean it is really tough! 3D Fuels Pro PLA filament has a higher impact strength and has higher heat resistance than even ABS! You can make it even stronger through the process of annealing your print (more on annealing).

This plastic was designed for engineering use where high impact and heat resistance is needed. There is a growing demand for something that can print as easily as PLA but with the properties of ABS and without the dangerous gasses produced when printing ABS. 3D Fuels Pro PLA filament is able to meet this and surpass these requirements.

To understand more on the differences between 3D fuels PLA Filament and Pro PLA Filament line please click here.

All 3D Fuel filament is manufactured in a factory in North Dakota to the highest tolerances. They have complete end-to-end control over the manufacturing process to ensure you get the highest quality product. Each spool includes spool metrics printed on each box which includes information such as tolerances and when it was produced so you know it is fresh!
Learn more about Filament Quality

3D Fuels diameter tolerance is +/-0.02mm. Many do not think that this spec is important when printing but I would say it is one of the most important. Variations in this spec will cause (not maybe) failures and jams in your print jobs. 3D Fuel uses a multi-axis laser measuring system to control the filament diameter and ovality in real time during production. As your printer extrudes plastic filament it needs an even flow. If the diameter of the filament changes while partway extruding you will get over extrusion or under extrusion at those locations. If you have filament that is 1.8mm thick which by the way falls in the spec of +/-0.05mm filament, it does not take very much for that to jam a printer that is meant to run 1.75mm filament.

Packing Information
Each spool of filament will arrive on a plastic spool inside a vacuum-sealed bag with a packet of desiccant to keep out any moisture and keep it as fresh as possible.

Test Printing
3D Fuel tests their filament on a wide variety of 3D printers in their lab to ensure you have the best printing experience possible. They regularly test on 3D printer brands such as Raise3D, MakerBot, LulzBot, FlashForge, Prusa, Creality, and more.

How to anneal your print

Print Settings

Hotend Temp: 210-240C
Bed Temp: 0-60C
Bed Surface: PEI, Heated Bare Glass, Blue Painters Tape, BuildTak, WhamBam
Recommended Print Speed: 40-100mm/s

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Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 8 cm
3D Fuel Colors

Aquamarine, Bone White, Bubble Pink, Caribbean Blue, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate Brown, Daffodil Yellow, Fire Engine Red, Fjord Blue, Forest Green, Glow in the Dark, Grape Purple, Grass Green, Harvest Gold, Iron Red, Lulzbot Green, Metallic Gold, Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, Simply SIlver, Snow White, Flat Dark Earth


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