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Adafruit LED Sequins 1758

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Adafruit LED Sequins 1758

The Adafruit LED Sequins 1758 are small, easy-to-use LED lights that can be used to light up the bottom of your Tool Head of your 3d printer or in a variety of projects.

Simply connect 3 to 6VDC to the + pin and ground to the – pin, and the LED on the board will light up. You can make the LEDs fade and twinkle or just connect directly to a digital I/O pin of a microcontroller to turn on and off.

This order comes with 1 Warm White “1206 size” LEDs, matched with a 100 ohm resistor. When powered from 3.3V they draw about 5mA so you can put up to 4 or 5 in parallel on a single microcontroller pin.

Here are some key features of the Adafruit LED Sequins 1758:

  • Warm white color: The LED Sequins 1758 emit a warm white light, great for lighting up your build plate.
  • Small size: The LED Sequins 1758 are small in size, measuring just 4mm x 9mm, which makes them ideal for small projects like the Mini Stealthburner or Dragon Burner Tool Head.
  • PWM functionality: The LED Sequins 1758 can be made to fade and twinkle by using the PWM functionality.
  • Easy to connect: The LED Sequins 1758 can be connected directly to a digital I/O pin on a microcontroller.

Overall, the Adafruit LED Sequins 1758 are a versatile and easy-to-use component that can be used in a wide range of projects. With their warm white color, alligator clips, and small size, they are ideal for creating cozy and inviting lighting effects in small spaces

Qty 1 – Adafruit LED Sequins 1758 – Warm White Color

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