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Adafruit NeoPixel Button 4776

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Adafruit NeoPixel Button 4776

The Adafruit NeoPixel Button 4776 is a small PCB (printed circuit board) that contains tiny RGB+White pixels.

These are the smallest NeoPixel breakouts around! Tiny, bright RGB+White pixels to your project. These little PCBs are only 9.1mm x 9.1mm and have two sets of three pads on the back for soldering wires. These ultra-bright LEDs have a constant-current driver cooked right into the LED package! The pixels are chainable – so you only need 1 pin/wire to control as many LEDs as you like.

These pixels have full 32-bit color ability (24 bits RGB and then 8 bits of white) with PWM taken care of by the controller chip. Since the LED is so bright, you need less current/power to get the effects you want. The driver is constant current so it’s OK if your battery power changes or fluctuates a little.

The NeoPixel is ‘split’, one half is the RGB you know and love, the other half is a white LED with a yellow phosphor. Can be controlled with 8-bit PWM per channel (8 x 4 channels = 32-bit color overall). Great for adding lots of colorful + warm white dots to your project!

Here are some key features of the Adafruit NeoPixel Button 4776:

  • Small size: The PCB is only 9.1mm x 9.1mm in size, making it ideal for small projects.
  • RGB+White pixels (RGBW): The PCB contains tiny RGB+White pixels.
  • Addressable lighting: The NeoPixel Button 4776 is addressable, which means that each pixel can be controlled individually.
  • Easy to use: The PCB is easy to use and can be connected to a microcontroller or other device using just three wires.

Overall, the Adafruit NeoPixel Button 4776 is a versatile and easy-to-use PCB that can be used to add colorful and interactive lighting to a wide range of projects.

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