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Annex Engineering K3 Cast Aluminum 8mm Build Plate

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Annex Engineering K3 Cast Aluminum 8mm Build Plate

Our Annex Engineering K3 Cast Aluminum 8mm Build Plate is made with 5083 aluminum. These are high precision plates that have been blanch ground to MIC6 specs on both sides.

For MIC6 plates under 12mm thickness, flatness tolerances are +/-0.4mm and is measured across the entire 5′ x 10′ sheet of aluminum. Once these sheets are cut down to smaller sizes the flatness tolerances tighten up a lot and many plates are below 0.2mm and some are even under 0.1mm. I don’t charge extra for this but it is the luck of the draw. What is important is getting a quality magnet and Spring Steel sheet as these are the final layers and can cause deviations as well on the final print surface and a thick cast aluminum plate will help prevent with any warping as the plate heats up.

We know these plates look so nice when they arrive but for best results before installing build plates ensure that you use a scotch bright or something to scuff up both sides of the plate to ensure best adhesion of the heated mat and the magnetic sheet.

Plate thickness: 8mm
Material: Aluminum cast plates
Composition: 5083 Aluminum
Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.1mm
Flatness: <=0.4mm
Cut Dimensions: +/-3mm
Width: 180mm
Length: 180mm

For more information on the Annex Engineering K3 Build plate dimensions click here

Annex Eng Build Plate

K3 180×180


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