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Bondtech LGX Lite to LGX Lite V2 Upgrade Set

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Bondtech LGX Lite to LGX Lite V2 Upgrade Set

The Bondtech LGX Lite to LGX Lite V2 Upgrade Set is a comprehensive kit designed to enhance the performance and stability of your Bondtech LGX Lite eXtruder. This set of parts allows you to upgrade your existing LGX Lite eXtruder to the new V2 version, providing increased robustness and reliability.

The upgrade set includes the following components:

  • 1x 10087-5 LGX Lite V2 Front
  • 1x 10087-6 LGX Lite V2 Rear
  • 1x 15070 44T/17T Double Gear
  • 2x M3 Nylon shim
  • 1x Push-fit collet
  • 8x M3 square nuts

The LGX Lite V2 Upgrade Set is designed to provide tighter tolerances, improved build quality, and increased resistance to heat. The sturdier 2 parts housing design and precise stepper motor centering ensure a more stable and reliable extrusion process. The upgrade set also includes a filament tension lever with 3 presets (open, rigid, flexible), allowing for precise control over filament feeding. It is important to note that the LGX Lite V2 is not compatible with Bondtech’s current design of the Mini After LGX Lite upgrade Kit for Voron V0, or any design featuring a mount plate in between the extruder and its motor. Before purchasing the upgrade set, it is recommended to check the product alerts to ensure compatibility with your specific setup. Upgrade your Bondtech LGX Lite eXtruder to the new V2 version and experience enhanced performance and stability for your 3D printing applications.

For more information on the LGX Lite to LGX Lite V2 Upgrade Set please click here

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