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Bondtech Secondary Drive Gear Set 1.75/5mm

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Bondtech Secondary Drive Gear Set 1.75/5mm

** Complementary to IDGA and RIDGA sets**

Use the Bondtech Secondary Drive Gear Set product to complete a mini Bondtech Dual Drive gears set if you have, or want to buy, a RIDGA or IDGA integrated primary drive gear assembly.

OEM set for 1.75mm filament type extruders.

This set installs on the mobile hinge of your extruder.

The following extruders are compatible with the secondary drive gear and needle bearings of this set:

  • From Bondtech
    • All Bondtech BMG type extruders;
    • All DDX Direct Drive eXtruders for Creality versions;
    • All Bondtech BMG type extruders for Prusa i3 and Mini;
    • BMG-HT for Intamsys;
  • From the Voron Open Source Project:
    • ClockWork / CW1;
    • ClockWork 2 / CW2;
    • Pocket Watch;
    • Mini AfterBurner / Min AB;
    • Mini StealthBurner / Mini SB;
    • M4/Mobius;
  • Other Open Source extruders:
    • HextrudORT;
    • SherpaMini;
    • Galileo;
    • Other…

NOTE: Some Open Source extruders in the list above may require a different shaft length.
Check the “You May Need column” or use this link to add another shaft you may need for your extruder.

This set includes the following components:

  • 1x Secondary gear with inner diameter 5 mm;
  • 2x needle bearings;
  • 1x 3×20 mm shaft.
Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × .75 cm
Bondtech Drivegear kits

1.75mm/5mm, 1.75mm/8mm


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