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Bondtech Upgrade Kit for Prusa Mini or Mini+

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Bondtech Upgrade Kit for Prusa Mini or Mini+

**This model has reached end of life and replaced by the Prusa Mini IFS which can be found here

Bondtech Upgrade Kit for Prusa Mini is a high-resolution extruder upgrade for the Prusa Mini enabled with Dual Drive Technology.

Upgrade Your Prusa Mini or Mini+

Upgrade your Prusa Mini with a Bondtech Dual Drive extruder designed to seamlessly fit the original setup.

Hardened Drive Gears

Allows to use abrasive materials that would wear out the gears of your original feeder otherwise.

Print Faster Or With Higher Quality

This bowden extruder will allow your 3D printer to print faster or to achieve even better surface quality.

Adjustable tension

The thumbscrew tensioner allows the user to fine-tune the pressure exerted by the drive gears onto the filament. This gives you the power to adjust according to your preferences and to optimize for the type of material you are using.


To be able to do material changes in a snap, simply activate the Quick-Release lever to release the tension and pull the material to be changed out of the extruder, keep it activated and insert the new material.

More choice of materials

The hardened steel Dual Drive gears allow you to work with common and abrasive materials.

Included in this Kit

  • 1x Bondtech extruder for Prusa Mini
  • 3x Black nylon zip-ties
  • 4x M3x35 black oxide steel screws
  • 1x M3x12 black oxide steel screw
  • 1x Brass motor gear
  • 1x Thumb Screw assembly

Product Info

Net weight : 102.3g
Gearing ratio : 3:1
E-steps value : 415
Extruder Housing: SLS Printed parts in PA12;
Hinge: injection molded.

Simple installation steps can be found here.

Weight0.148 kg
Dimensions8 × 7 × 10 cm


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