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Fysetc Spider Mainboard v2.2 with 2209 Drivers

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Fysetc Spider Mainboard v2.2 with 2209 Drivers

The Fysetc Spider mainboard v2.2 is a 32bit controller board designed in partnership with the Voron team. It replaces the need to have 2 x SKR 1.4 mainboards for installation by supporting up to 8 TMC drivers.
Includes 8 x TMC2209 drivers

Tech Specs:

  • STM32F446 180Mhz. All IOs can withstand 5v
  • 8 TMC stepper drivers support total with UART&SPI support
  • 2 TMC slots can handle 60v Max stepper drivers
  • CH340 for high speed USB serial connection
  • Improved TMC jumper settings. Simpler and easier
  • 28V input max,12V@3A DC-DC,5V@5A DC-DC for Raspberry Pi, 5v@3A DC-DC for mcu and RGB, 2 x 3.3V@0.8A LDO for mcu and motors
  • Two car fuses for hot bed input and main power input
  • Limit switch socket 24V/5V/3.3V optional, ready for more other equipment, such as -inductive sensor, BL-Touch
  • JST-XH2.54 connectors
  • 10x PWM capable power MOSFET outputs (1 for Hot Bed, 3 for Heat-End, 3 for fans, 3 for RGB LED strip)
  • Up to 8 ways PWM fans (only use 1 extruder and no 12V/24V RGB used ),2 ways RGB led(12V & 24V optional) ,1 way 5V-RGB led (NEO-PIXEL/WS2812)
  • RepRap Discount Smart Controller compatible pin header on board
  • UART1-Raspberry Pi pin header (including 5V@8A power supply)
  • 2X4 PinHeader Out for SD Card module
  • Onboard micro-SD card
  • Type-C and Type-B USB connector optional
  • EXP1 & EXP2 have more multiplexing functions, such as USART, I2C, CAN
  • SD card & USB upload support
  • 4.7k Ohm 0.1% temperature sensor pull up resistor is used for PT1000 thermistor support directly (for PT100 thermistors an amplifier board is still required)
  • Up to 6 temperature sensor support
  • added more protection with TVS for each motor drivers, current limit resistor, VMOT fuse

Included in Box:

  • Fysetc Spider Mainboard F446 v2.2
  • 8 x TMC 2209 Drivers
  • Jumpers
  • USB-C Cable

For more information such as Wiring Diagrams, Pin out diagrams, Firmware… etc
Please visit the Fysetc Github


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