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Hartk Pin Mod for V2.4 R2

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Hartk Pin Mod for V2.4 R2

The Hartk Pin Mod for V2.4 R2 was made open source and designed by Hartk. This mod replaces the M5 screws used as shafts for holding bearings, pulleys, or idlers with proper 5mm diameter steel shafts for smoother operation and prevents any motion parts from getting caught on screw threads.

Shafts, bearings and pulleys all have tolerances they must work within. The differences are within +/-0.01mm. Sometimes both objects are oversized slightly and cause the shaft to not fit. Simplest way is to try another bearing or pulley combination with the shaft. If this still does not work, put the shaft in a drill and run 220 grit sandpaper along the shaft for about 2-4 seconds to reduce the diameter slightly. Time will vary depending on how much you need to reduce and how fast your drill is. Check often so you don’t over sand the shaft.

More information and most up to date stl files for this mod are available here:

Hartk v2.4 pins mod

Kit Includes

Qty 6 – 28mm steel shaft
Qty 2 – 30mm steel shaft
Qty 4 – 40mm steel shaft
Qty 2 – 43mm steel shaft

If you are looking for the Hartk Pin mod for the Voron Trident then please click here

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