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Kinematic Bed Mount for Voron Trident

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Kinematic Bed Mount for Voron Trident

The Kinematic Bed Mount for Voron Trident is brought to you by Lightweight Labware (Whoppingpochard). More information of this design can be found here on their Github page.

These Kinematic Bed mounts are a great way to prevent the affects that thermal expansion has on the build plate of your Voron printer. What is thermal expansion? Thermal expansion is by definition the tenancy of matter to change its shape, area, volume and density in response to a change in temperature. The aluminum plate found on your Voron 3D Printer is no exception and can not defy the laws of physics. When the plate heats up it will also expand but since it is constrained at the mounting points it has no where to expand and could cause warping of the build plate.

How to Install

How to install the Kinematic Bed Mount for Voron Trident can be found here

For the Kinematic Bed Mount for Voron 2 please click here.

Simulation done on a v2.4 bed

On a V2.4 bed if all screws are tightened the plate has no where to go except to bow upwards.


The solution to this problem is to remove one screw and leave one screw snug on the same side. As you can see below this does help with the issue during the simulation but does not alleviate it completely.  Also simulation was difficult to do since it’s hard to configure snug in FEA using Fusion 360 but you get the idea that the problem is still persistent.


Once all the screws were loosened does the problem go away and the plate will uniformly expand equally. This Kinematic bed mounting kit does a great job in constraining the bed just enough to keep it in the same place but also allows it to expand as needed without constraining it too much.


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