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LDO Breakout PCB for Toolhead

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LDO Breakout PCB for Toolhead

The LDO Breakout PCB for Toolhead simplifies your wiring of either your Stealthburner or your Afterburner toolhead PCBs. This is the same breakout board that is included in all the LDO Switchwire, V2.4, and Trident kits. The purpose of this board is to breakout the 14 pin toolhead cable into individual ports that can be connected to the mainboard.

** Caution! Note that polarity matters when making connections between the breakout board and your mainboard. Incorrect polarity may cause a short circuit and damage your mainboard.

For more information on how to install this kit please see the LDO site here

Compatible with Hartk Stealthburner toolhead PCB
The Stealthburner board will work with the LDO wiring harness with minimum of 1 change on the breakout board. The wire that is connected to the CT header, the black wire should be removed as its no longer needed and the White wire should go to a 5v source. The easiest way is to MOVE the jumper on the last always on fan to 5v, by default it is on the bottom which is 24v, it needs to be removed and installed on the 5v, you can see in the diagram below the where the jumper should be MOVED to colored in blue. It is on the 5v setting and the CT wire is going to the positive pin of that header

More information can be found on the Hartk Stealthburner page here


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