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LDO Nitehawk-SB Toolboard

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LDO Nitehawk-SB Toolboard

The LDO Nitehawk-SB Toolboard is a specialized toolboard designed specifically for the Voron Stealthburner toolhead. This compact and feature-rich board integrates essential components into one cohesive unit, streamlining your 3D printing setup.

Key Features:

  1. Integrated Components:
    • RP2040 MCU: The heart of the Nitehawk-SB, providing processing power and control.
    • TMC2209 Stepper Driver: Ensures precise and quiet motor movement.
    • ADXL345 Accelerometer: Enables convenient input shaping calibration.
  2. Form Factor:
    • The Nitehawk-SB’s form factor is based on HartK’s two-piece Stealthburner toolhead PCB, with minor modifications. It fits seamlessly into existing setups.
  3. Simplified Wiring:
    • Say goodbye to complicated breakout cables! The Nitehawk-SB requires only a 24V power supply and a USB connection to the Raspberry Pi host.
    • No additional software or hardware setup compared to CAN communication.
  4. Custom Toolhead Cable:
    • A single combined USB data and power cable, designed for drag chain use but adaptable for umbilical configuration.
  5. Convenient Input Shaping:
    • The onboard accelerometer allows you to run input shaper calibration at any time.
  6. Tacho-Enabled Fans:
    • Both the hotend and part fan ports support three-pin tachometer fans, enhancing diagnostics and safety.

System Overview:

The Nitehawk-SB system consists of three main components:

  1. Nitehawk-SB (Main PCB):
    • Houses the MCU, stepper driver, fan drivers, and other essential circuits.
    • USB communication with the Raspberry Pi.
    • Simplified setup for Klipper users.
  2. Fan Adapter:
    • Connects part fans, hotend fans, and neopixels to the main Nitehawk-SB PCB via headers.
    • Allows easy detachment of the Stealthburner front for maintenance.
  3. Umbilical Cable:
    • Custom flex cable rated for drag chain use.
    • Delivers 24V power to the main Nitehawk-SB PCB while carrying USB data.
  4. USB Adapter:
    • Combines 24V power from the supply and USB data from the Raspberry Pi.
    • Unified connection via the Umbilical cable.

Printed Parts:

Nitehawk-SB works seamlessly with standard Stealthburner toolheads (compatible with both Clockwork 2 and Galileo 2). However, a few additional custom printed parts are needed:

  1. USB Adapter Mount:
    • Designed for use with a standard Voron DIN clip.
    • Features a cover to prevent static discharge.
  2. Cable Door:
    • Modified from HartK’s original design.
    • Includes a zip tie anchor for the external chamber thermistor.
  3. Chain Anchor Tilted:
    • Slightly tilts the drag chain to avoid rubbing against the CT connector on the toolboard.

For more information and access to the printed parts, visit the Nitehawk-SB GitHub repository. Please click here.

More information on this PCB kit can be found on the LDO website. Please click here.

block diagram

nhsb pcb pinout

sb fan adapter pinout

Weight.26 kg
Dimensions17 × 15.5 × 5.5 cm


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