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LDO Picobilical for Voron 0

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LDO Picobilical for Voron 0

The LDO Picobilical is a mod designed specifically for the Voron 0 printers. The Picobilical is based on V0-Umbilical by timmit99 and retains its original advantages while introducing new features.

  • Rear mounted toolhead PCB simplifies toolhead wiring.
  • The umbilical cable can be easily detached from the toolhead – allowing the toolhead to be completely decoupled during maintenance.
  • On-board RP2040 microcontroller frees up ports in the main controller while greatly simplifying wiring.
  • Integrated 24V to 5V buck converter with max 5A output eliminates the need for an external 5V buck converter for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Two independent neopixel ports.
  • Selectable supply voltage (24V or 5V) for part fan and hotend fan.
  • On-board thermistor for chamber temperature monitoring.
  • Optional filament sensor input.

The Picobilical is composed of the Toolhead PCB, Frame PCB, and Umbilical Cable – which connects the two PCBs.

  • The Toolhead PCB is a simple PCB that receives all the electrical connections on the printer toolhead and combines them into a single 14pin umbilical connector.
  • The Umbilical Cable connects the Toolhead PCB to the Frame PCB.
  • The Frame PCB is a secondary controller that processes all the signals from the toolhead PCB and communicates directly with the Klipper Host on the Raspberry Pi. This design simplifies electrical wiring because no connections need to be made to the main controller (except for the extruder motor). An additional benefit is that many ports on the main controller are now freed up, and can be used for other mods.
  • The Toolhead PCB connection to the Input Shaper uses the included ribbon cable (not shown in the diagram).  This connection is temporary when performing input shaping, the Umbilical Cable is not used for input shaping.

More information can be found on the LDO website here



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