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LDO Voron 0.2 Full Upgrade Kit – 100mm Top Hat

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LDO Voron 0.2 Full Upgrade Kit – 100mm Top Hat

The LDO Voron 0.2 Full Upgrade kit – 100mm are for getting your Voron 0.1 upgraded to the latest Voron 0.2 and to build with an 100mm tall top hat.

**Does not include printed parts required for the upgrade.

These kits include many extras:

  • This kit includes the parts to build a 100mm tall Top Hat. Longer extrusions and taller side panels.
  • Lots of Nickle plated screws are included in this kit. The number of screws is almost a full build of a V0!
  • This full kit includes an additional fan compared to the 80mm kits so 2 in total.

Please see below Full BOM list with what is included in these kits:

Qty 4 – 1515 Extrusion, 200mm
Qty 4 – 1515 Extrusion, 100mm

Qty 1 – Top hat Top Panel 212x212x3mm clear acrylic
Qty 4 – Top hat Side Panel 212x90x3mm clear arcylic
Qty 1 – Deck Panel 209x172x3mm matt black arcylic
Qty 1 – Bottom Panel 213x213x3mm matt black arcylic

Qty 35 – 3x6x0.5 Shim Washer
Qty 140 – M3 Nut -black Nickle plated
Qty 70 – M2x6 SHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M2x6 FHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M2x8 SHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 40 – M3x6 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 115 – M3x8 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 5 – M3x8 FHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 30 – M3x10 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 25 – M3x12 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M3x16 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M3x25 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M3x30 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 30 – M3x35 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 10 – M3x40 BHCS -black Nickle plated
Qty 30 – M2x10 Self Tapping Screws
Qty 50 – M3 Brass heat set inserts – short M3x5x4
Qty 2 – T Nut M3 15×5.4×1.5

Qty 2 – 3010 fan, 24V with extension cable (LDO brand)

Weight1.38 kg
Dimensions22.5 × 22.5 × 4 cm
LDO Frame Color

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Space Grey


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