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Linear Rail Torx Screws

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Linear Rail Torx Screws

Have you ever stripped a screw while working on your 3D Printer? On a printed part it’s not so bad but if it’s on a metal part like a linear rail it can be very difficult to remove. Our Linear Rail Torx Screws is the solution to this problem! Made from Grade 12.9 Black Carbon Steel our Torx Socket Head Cap Screws (SHCS) is tailored explicitly for demanding linear rail systems. These ultra strong screws exhibit remarkable mechanical characteristics including ultimate tensile strength. The SHCS Torx deign makes them suitable candidates for critical load bearing tasks found in advanced robotics, machine tools, automated conveyor belts, and more. Crafted from black carbon steel, they offer outstanding fatigue resistance along with superlative dimensional stability required for smooth operation of intricate mechanisms driven by precise positioning demands inherent to modern day linear guides. The Torx system also delivers consistent driving power devoid of common issues faced with traditional designs such as Allen screws prone to stripping or rounding off edges upon excessive pressure application especially when made with softer metals such as stainless steel.


Qty 50 – M3 x 8 Black Carbon T10 Torx screw SHCS

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 cm
Roll in T-Nut

M3, M5


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