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Slice Engineering Mosquito Hotend

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Slice Engineering Mosquito Hotend

Why buy an expensive 3D printer but have a cheap hotend? It’s the most important component in your 3D printer because its sole job is to melt the plastic into printable lines. Frustrated by a lack of reliability? Heat Creep? Jamming? A hotter hotend fixes that, and ours print upwards of 450 °C. Frustrated by how long it takes your projects to print? Get a high flow rate hotend that uses the same Rep Rap style nozzle, but prints up to 30% faster. See the difference today.

Kit Includes:
  • Slice Engineering Mosquito Hotend
  • Hotend Mounting Hardware
  • Set of Mosquito Hotend hex keys for assembly, disassembly, and mounting
  • The best orange lollipops you’ve ever had
Don’t forget to pick up some Boron Nitride Paste to install the heater cartridge and thermistor
This kit does not include a fan, nozzle (any v6 nozzle will fit), heater cartridge, or thermistor. These items are sold separately.
Weight.01 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 9 cm


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