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Titanium Backers for Voron 2 and Trident

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Titanium Backers for Voron 2 and Trident

The Titanium Backers for Voron 2 and Trident is brought to you by Lightweight Labware (Whoppingpochard). More information of this design can be found here on their Github page.

Due to different thermal coefficients of linear expansion between steel (rails) and aluminum (extrusions), the Voron V2 gantry forms a sort of giant bimetal temperature sensor element. This causes a warping of the gantry as it heats up with increasing chamber temperature.

While exploring frame expansion behavior, a number of us were noticing empirical values several times what we’d predict simply due to linear expansion of the Z extrusions alone. Although plugging those empirical values in to the compensation code has given me great first layers, the difference from expectation was still bothering me. Maybe, I thought, there was some sort of warping happening? Checking out a table of thermal expansion coefficients, I saw that indeed aluminum expands quite a bit more than steel with temperature.

** These kits do not include screws or T nuts required for install.


Weight.32 kg
Dimensions45 × 10 × 2 cm
3D Printer size

250mm, 300mm, 350mm


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