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Xol Toolhead kit

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Xol Toolhead kit

19 different items later and we now have the Xol Toolhead. This toolhead is the evolution of the Mantis Xol 2 aimed at modularity, rigidity and quality of life improvements for installation and serviceability.

– Kit includes pins for both 6mm and 9mm belts
– Better air flow than Stealthburner
– Improved resonance management compared to Stealthburner and even previous Mantis designs
– Supported extruders: Galileo 2 Stand Alone (G2SA), Orbitor v2, Sherpa Mini, and LGX Lite
– Supported hotends: Dragon SF, Dragon UHF, Dragon Ace, NF Crazy (Slice Engineering), Rapido, Revo Voron, and XG
– Compatible with many probes such as: Voron Tap, Kicky, Klicky PCB, Beacon, and Euclid
– Part cooling is with 2 4010 blower fans (not included), and compatible with CPAP setups as well

More information can be found here
Stls for this build can be found here
Docs with assembly instructions and PTFE cut lengths can be found here

**Kit Does NOT Include
Qty 2 – M3 x ?? Extruder to HE Mount. Length varies depending on extruder used.

Qty 11 – M3 x 8 SHCS
Qty 2 – M3 x 12 SHCS
Qty 4 – M3 x 16 SHCS
Qty 2 – M3 x 20 SHCS

Qty 2 – M2.5 x 10 SHCS
Qty 4 – M2.5 x 20 SHCS (These are for the bottom two HE fan and may impact on Dragon UHF silicone sock. Remove a couple of millimeters of thread with a file or cutters if needed)

Qty 2 – M2 x 8 SHCS
Qty 1 – M2 x 10 SHCS
Qty 6 – M2 x 12 SHCS
Qty 2 – M2 x 30 SHCS

Qty 7 – M3 x 6 BHCS

Qty 15 – M3 Heatset Inserts
Qty 6 – M2.5 Heatset Inserts
Qty 11 – M2 Heatset Inserts

Qty 2 – M3 x 26 Pin for 6mm belts (For 6mm belts)
Qty 2 – M3 x 30 Pin for 9mm belts (For 9mm belts)

Qty 8 – M3 Hex Nut
Qty 2 – M3 x 20 Metal Stand-off for CAN/EBB Mounting
Qty 1 – 50mm PTFE Tube (Between Extruder and Hotend)

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions11 × 15 × 1 cm


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