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20 AWG FEP Flexible Wires White

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20 AWG FEP Flexible Wires White

Wires are sold per meter in increments of 1m (3.28 ft) as one length. If you order 10 x 1 meter you will get 10 meters of continuous cable. Cable lengths of more then 30m will come wound onto a spool

Our high quality 20 AWG FEP flexible wires were made to bring you something that is very flexible, long lasting, and designed for motion systems in mind. FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) or Heluflon is a variation of Teflon which was invented by DuPont. It is commonly used as the insulation and jacket for wires because it carries many excellent characteristics sought after for motion systems. FEP also exhibits outstanding resistance to chemicals, has a wide temperature range and excellent electrical properties.

Purchases over 30 meters will come spooled.

Key Properties

  • More flexible than PTFE
  • Low dielectric constant (insulating)
  • Chemically inert
  • Very low co-efficient of friction
  • Teflon anti-stick properties
  • UV resistant (does not age)
  • Tin plated to prevent corrosion

Wire Specs

Tinned Copper Core wires
Cable length: Sold in increments of 1m (3.28 ft)
Wire gauge: 20AWG
Voltage rating: 500v
Temp rating: -60C – 200C
Strand count: 26
Strand thickness: 0.16mm

Wire Gauges, Amperage and Recommendations

** I am not an electrician and if you are unsure of any of the provided information please consult with a professional.
** Also be aware most home circuits run on 15 AMP breakers and in North America the most common wires used in your home are 14 AWG in the walls. If you are lucky to have a 20 AMP circuit that you can plug your 3d printer in, the wires used here are normally 12 AWG in the walls. It’s not recommended to load your circuits past 80% of capacity as well which includes everything else plugged into the same circuit as your 3d printer. Please be careful and stay within your comfort zone when it comes to this section of the build.

24AWG – Max 3.5 Amps – Motors, Thermistor, Probe, Switch Sensors… etc
20AWG – Max 11 Amps – Heated Mat for Build plate and Heater Cartridge in Hot End
16AWG – Max 22 Amps – Mains power
Amperage sourced from here

Weight.001 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × .01 cm


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